The latest episode of Jeopardy!, which aired on Thursday, July 7, 2022, featured three-day champion Yungsheng Wang and two new participants.

Jeopardy! has been going strong for decades. Originally launched in 1964, the game show aired its first episode on March 30, which is celebrated as JeoparDay!.

Today’s Jeopardy! winner, Brian Ahern Yungsheng Wang played pretty well in his last three Jeopardy! games as he emerged as the winner

Viewers were thrilled to finally find a champion who could extend their winning streak to three games. Unfortunately, Wang couldn’t win his fourth game.

In the latest episode, the categories of the first round were Which New York City Borough?, ____ & ____, Salad Dressing for Success, Hemingway, Rhyme Zone, and From the Speedway.

Yungsheng started well in this round. However, a few incorrect responses left him with total earnings of $2,000.

Brian Ahern surprised viewers with his game as he earned the highest total — $10,600. Meanwhile, Heather Brown landed in second place after banking $3,600.

The categories of the second round were Next Leader in Line, 4-Letter Acronyms, Such Great Chemistry, The Scarf, Old Newspapers, and ‘G’eography.

In the Double Jeopardy round, Brian managed to give only four correct answers, making his total $13,400. Meanwhile, Heather scored $4,800.

Yungsheng took the lead in this round with 14 correct responses, banking $22,099.

Here's a look at the final results: Brian Ahern: $13,400 + $13,400 = $26,800 (Who is Sherlock Holmes) (1-day total: $26,800) Yungsheng Wang: $22,099 – $4,900 = $17,199 (Who is Zorro?) Heather Brown: $4,800 – $4,800 = $0 (Who is Scrooge.)